Manage enterprise level wired and wireless networks with one software based solution

The Slice Internet Gateway Controller is the first product of its kind to combine every service and feature required to manage an enterprise level wired and wireless network, into one software based solution. The Slice Gateway is a powerful, flexible, and scalable piece of network equipment developed to give network operators a comprehensive solution to manage highly utilized wired and wireless networks over one simple admin console. The Slice Gateway expands the reach and capabilities of standard wired and wireless networks and can create an additional revenue source for your business by leveraging user traffic and data.

    Make Any Network A Slice Network.

    The Slice Internet Gateway is hardware agnostic and can work with networks powered by Ruckus Wireless, Aerohive, Mist, Cisco, Aruba, Samsung, or any other network infrastructure provider. Thanks to a tiered licensing model; a small, portable form factor; and a list of expanding features and uses, The Slice Internet Gateway is a fantastic network management platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    Key Features of the Slice Internet Gateway Controller

    • Simple yet Powerful

      After an initial setup and configuration, the Slice Gateway becomes “plug-and-play” allowing end users to access the Internet without requiring the network operator to make any changes. This is an ideal solution for companies who want to deliver enterprise grade Internet access without a full time network operator.

    • Multi Method Authentication

      The Slice Gateway supports multiple authentication types and can integrate with many leading property management systems. The Slice gateway allows for self-provisioning with credit card, and supports RADIUS, 802.1x and MAC authentication. All of these authentication methods can be configured for use simultaneously or individually.


    Downtown Brooklyn Portal

    Downtown Brooklyn Portal


    • Core Networking

      The Slice Gateway automatically handles many essential core networking tasks intended to maintain your network integrity and functionality, even during peak usage with thousands of simultaneous active connections.

      Slice Gateway Controller

      Slice Gateway Controller

      • Advanced User Experience Options

        The Slice Internet Gateway doubles as a powerful marketing tool and can be used to extend your brand reach beyond traditional methods. With features like custom authentication portals, timed advertisement injections, and HTML overlay, your company can create a fully branded internet environment where you control what your end-users see.

      • In Depth Reporting

        With over 100 different reports to select from, the features and functions of the Slice Internet Gateway are fully transparent and can enable you to make educated decisions regarding your network to help generate revenue and fine tune service delivery.