What is a Wi-Fi Portal?

Slice Wireless Solutions can take your Wi-Fi network to the next level by developing a branded splash portal that will greet all of your event guests as they log onto the network. The splash portal is a perfect place for your event’s message. With a 100% impression rate and unlimited customization capabilities, the portal has endless uses and will generate value for your brand, sponsors, and guests.

Slice can work with you to design the splash portal or you can have your own design team create the portal based on provided specifications. The portal is developed responsively to automatically adjust to all screen resolutions. The items below are just a few of the elements that can be customized on your splash portal:

  • Logo
  • Welcome Message
  • Authentication (Login) Fields
  • Custom Advertisements
  • Browser Overlays
  • Social Media Sign In
  • Success Message

Below you can see an example:

Social Portal Buttons.jpg
Ed Wrightportal