Slice has provided branded Wi-Fi log-on portals to clients who want to deliver their latest marketing message to the many people and organizations that use Wi-Fi. See some of our previous portals below.  

Sponsor Branding Service


A branded Wi-Fi portal lets you connect everyone who attends your event and offers them information about you. Slice offers many portal options and displays which can be tailored to your event. Slice has worked with many national companies to provide branded portals for major events. See some of our previous work.

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Expand Social Media Network

One of Social Wi-Fi's most immediate benefits come from having a larger group to engage with on social media. Each person logging on with a social account becomes a new follower and potentially a new promoter of your event or brand. 

Email And Text Marketing Campaigns

Slice can help you design a marketing campaign to let those who have attended your events know about your next event. A mailing list of your attendees is a valuable asset.


Frequently Asked Questions

Portal Request Form



Portal Operations

We will meet with you to demo and review the list of features and determine which ones are applicable to your situation. We will assist your staff with initial setup and will send you monthly reports. 

Visitor Analytics

We provide deep analysis of how your network is being used, which included these reports: 

Overview - Number of users who have logged on
Average Session Duration - How long sessions lasted on various days
Bandwidth Utilization - Total usage per day (useful to assess need for increased bandwidth)
Dwell Time - How long users spent in total on Wi-Fi
Total Sessions -  How often people log on and off the network, useful to see how often the network is being used
Total Subscribers  - Demographic breakdown of subscribers
New vs. Returning - Analysis of new vs. return users