Slice has provided branded Wi-Fi log-on portals to numerous clients who want to make take advantage of the captive audience of wi-fi users to deliver their latest marketing messages. Check out some of our previous portals below.  

Sponsor Branding Service


You've got a great event coming up and are looking to be sure your attendees can get online, or you're looking for another way to engage with them. A branded Wi-Fi portal is an excellent way to let folks know who is putting on the show and connecting everyone. Slice offers a wide variety of portal options and display elements that can be customized to match your events look. See some of our previous work.

Slice has worked with many national brands to provide branded portals at major events, and can provide that same level of sophistication to you.

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Expand Social Media Network

One of Social Wi-Fi's most immediate benefits come from having a larger group to engage with on social media, each person logging on with a social account will become a new follower, and potential new promoter of your event or brand. 

Email And Text Marketing Campaigns

Now that you've got a list of people who have been attendees, you have to decide what the best schedule and avenues to contact them on. Slice can help design a marketing campaign to let those people know where and when your next event is. Having a mailing list of folks who will come out into the world, and bring their friends along, is an asset not to be wasted. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Portal Operations

We will meet with you to demo and review the list of features and determine which ones are applicable to your situation. We will assist your staff with initial setup and will send you monthly reports. 

Visitor Analytics

We provide deep analysis of how your network is being used at a fine-grained level, including the following reports:

Overview - Providing absolute numbers of users who have logged in
Average Session Duration - How long sessions lasted on various days
Bandwidth Utilization - Total usage per day, useful to see if trends require increasing bandwidth
Dwell Time - How long users spent in total on Wi-Fi
Total Sessions -  A user can log on as they arrive, during the day, and before they leave, giving a very different number than # of users. This lets you see how much people use your network
Total Subscribers  - Subscribers with demographic breakdowns
New vs. Returning - Another way to see how likely are people who have used your Wi-Fi are to use it again