Fashion Event Planners: A Critical Item Often Overlooked

We know exactly how difficult it is to plan, produce and execute a successful fashion event. Since 2007, we’ve worked with some of New York’s major production companies, venues, and designers. In doing so, we’ve learned a few things. And today we want to share one that is typically either pushed to the bottom of the list or completely overlooked.

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Rodrigo OlivaresComment
You Could Be At Risk: SPEAR PHISHING

You’re at risk! Even if you don’t think you are. We’ve all heard of scammers phishing for our information, but do you know what spear phishing is? This is a more targeted attack when the perpetrator tends to already have some information on their targets, making you feel comfortable and more likely to give...

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Skyler de GrootComment
Is your Warehouse Wi-Fi slow? Here’s why

Wi-Fi troubleshooting can be a difficult task to handle . The obstacles facing wireless connections often involve the physical hardware itself, and the signal or propagation of the radio waves themselves. Over time systems have been created to monitor these issues, and accurately identify where the problem lies, but determining this prior to installation...

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6 Benefits of a Captive Portal

6 reasons why captive portals are important for your business. When you have something everyone wants, you need to control who has access to it. Castles have moats, the subway has turnstiles, and enterprise grade WIFI networks have captive portals....

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Daniel CanestaroComment
Would P2P Make or Break Your Business?

Notorious for being the preferred file sharing method of media pirates, P2P has found redemption in the corporate world. Arrr you likely to benefit from installing P2P software on your company’s computers? (We’ll see ourselves out.) Would P2P Make or Break Your Business? You may know Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing as the...

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6 Tips To Make Your Smart Home Secure

SLICE Up Hackers with Smart Home Security Though a little ways off Disney’s 1999 film “Smart House,” high-tech smart homes are now a reality. Equipped with WiFi powered home appliances and devices such as electronic locks, thermostats, luminaries, smart refrigerators, etc… smart homes are bridging the gap between modern day living and The Jetsons....

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Would Your Passwords Pass Inspection?

Stronger passwords. No leg day required. It seems that each day brings a different technological innovation or practice to comprehend, adopt, and allow to revolutionize our professional and personal lives. As wonderful as this is, SLICE Managed Solutions understands that it can be difficult to keep up with such rapid progress. In our new...

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A Primer on Net Neutrality

Disclaimer: Reading this article will make you an authority on the issue of net neutrality. SLICE Managed Solutions is not responsible for any hurt feelings that arise from all of the heated debates you will inevitably start and win. A Primer on Net Neutrality Summer brings long, warm, nights sitting on rooftops or in...

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The NFL Meets Managed WIFI

The NFL’s use of managed Wi-Fi has changed football for the better, but SLICE Wi-Fi would change it for the best. The NFL Meets Managed Wi-Fi In a nation comprised of 50 diverse states, it is important that citizens have shared experiences like watching the Super Bowl. Whether people tune in for the game,...

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