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Smarter Technology

Slice is continuously looking forward to identify, procure, test, and deliver new smart wireless technologies and related services as they become available.
— Ed Wright, CTO
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Cloud-based Management

Intuitive Dashboards & Mobile Apps

Get real time visibility and never lose control of the network. Anytime. Anywhere. Convenience from the palm of your hand.

AI Assisted Network Operations

Self Optimizing 

Learns and optimizes performance in real time. Giving you unrivaled efficiency and performance improvement.

Self Healing 

90% of Wi-Fi issues detected are solved automatically. A proactive AI engine corrects and escalates issues to our 24/7 expert help desk. Don’t worry about troubleshooting – ever.

Comprehensive Security 

Protecting your network and business data is our highest priority. Our service offers Enterprise grade Wi-Fi security. Keep malware and ransomware out of sight at all times.

Wi-Fi Engagement Platforms

Easy Guest Onboarding

Add any number of guests to your network. Provide simple, secure access to your network and maintain 100% visibility into usage.

Customer Interaction Portals

Our goal is to build relationships between brands and consumers. Our platform enables brands to connect with customers through meaningful transactional experiences and truly personal interactions without the need for any apps.

Digital Media Display Networks (Out-of-Home Media)

These networked display panels offer a new way for brands to engage with people through smart, tailored information based on real-time, location-specific data.  They offer advertisers both brand affinity and physical proximity to urban destinations. Together, this combination becomes an influential part of the city streetscape that can drive unparalleled advertising success for our partners.

Wi-Fi Access Points

The newest access points offer more than just Wi-Fi.  They come bundled with all types of new technologies depending on the vendor.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Allows the access point to automatically and dynamically choose the best frequency band based on evaluation of current RF conditions.  This means a dual radio access point can broadcast a 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz signal now and will not need to be replaced to broadcast two 5 Ghz signals in the future as the older devices are phased out.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Virtual beacons make it less expensive and quicker to deploy bluetooth beacon technology since beacon placement is as simple as point-and-click on your facility floor plan. It does not require a physical beacon with a limited lifespan battery to be manually attached to your infrastructure.

IoT Gateway (Zigbee-based controller)

Building management system integrations allow real-time monitoring of temperature, energy and water use, remote meter reading, occupancy monitors, electronic locks and security cameras.

LTE Small Cells

This add-on option can extend or improve mobile phone coverage into hard-to-reach areas like basements and the interiors of large buildings.  Scalable small cells, at an enterprise Wi-Fi price point, enable mobile operators and enterprises to meet financial hurdles in previously cost-prohibitive locations.

Software Defined Networks

Personal Area Network (PAN)

All Slice installations start with secure and stable Wi-Fi by using industry standard hardware and best practices.  In addition we can provide each user a private VLAN with dedicated bandwidth and individualized security policy if the situation requires it.

Network Gateway Controller (SliceBox)

Our SliceBox is the Swiss Army Knife of Network Controllers.  It can slice your network and bandwidth into per-department,  per-user or per-device virtual LANs each with its own access and security policies.  It can also manage multiple uplinks, link aggregation and link failover. 

Carrier-agnostic LTE Routers

These routers connect to whichever mobile 4G carrier offers the strongest signal in your location without needing to carry multiple SIMs for each service.  This is great for traveling exhibits, product launches and festivals where each location has a different dominant network provider.

Global Mobile Data

These mobile hotspots Intelligently switch to the best network provider where you are for the fastest and most stable connection possible.  Depending on your itinerary, you can purchase local data packages per destination or pay as you go.  Using industry-leading cloudSIM technology you no longer have to worry about carrying multiple SIM cards with you. We serve more than 100 countries or regions globally.

Wi-Fi Enabled Experiences

LED Bracelets

Make your audience part of the show with Wi-Fi-controlled LED brackets.  Create an interactive light show where Slice manages the wireless network and your DJ controls the color and light patterns.

Distributed Sound System Speakers

Need a sound system setup for your event quickly?  Use a Slice wireless network to connect your Wi-Fi-enabled speakers in as many rooms as you want sound.

Custom Mobile Apps (API Integration)

Conferences, festivals and other large installations can enhance their visitor experience by integrating a custom app into their Slice network that can offer location-awareness to users and event planners.  Most of our platforms offer an API that allows you integrate our product or service functions into your application.