Many industries are realizing that providing guest WiFi not only enhances customer satisfaction, but can also help them: Building an opt-in customer database, collecting actionable customer insights, and engaging customers in new meaningful ways. Cloud4Wi  is an excellent WiFi analytics and marketing platform that can help provide all of these in a simple system.


Access Journey Management

Design the path your customers take to get online. With Volare’s customizable Access Journey, you can engage customers while complementing your brand. Customers benefit from personalized and targeted advertisements, coupons and surveys – which can be triggered during various stages of the onboarding process.

Grow customer databases

During the login process, customers have the option to opt-in to receive marketing communications, such as subscribing to newsletters. Here, Volare collects customer data so you can build marketing lists, grow databases, and feed information into existing marketing automation and CRM tools. This can help better plan for future marketing campaigns.


Cloud4wi onboarding.png

Promote Initiatives

Trigger splash page ads to bring awareness to available services, increase mobile app downloads, or sell ad space to nearby businesses.

Spotlight special deals

Offer coupons to the hospital store as well as on-site restaurants and cafes.

Collect visitor feedback

Prompt surveys to better understand who visitors are. Use the information collected to improve day-to-day hospital operations.