Mist Systems

The Mist platform lets you think centrally and act locally through a combination of cloud-based intelligence and on premises enterprise-grade Access Points. The Mist wireless platform uses machine learning to automate key tasks like event correlation, location, and clustering to dramatically simplify wireless operations and deliver personalized services to mobile users.
Here’s how you can benefit from Mist’s business-critical Wi-Fi assurance and enterprise-grade Bluetooth® LE services.

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healthcare needs, mist abilities

Business-Critical Wireless:
Enable doctors and patients to wirelessly access electronic medical records; provide guest Wi-Fi access.

Navigate to the cafeteria, radiology, pharmacy, or other medical facility areas; help workers find each other.

Proximity Messaging:
Patients and visitors can check into a hospital as they enter. Provide a location-aware nurse-call system.

Track patients and assets, monitor room temperatures, understand how much time a doctor or nurse spent in-room with patients.

High-value indoor location services.

  • Let’s get virtual. With Mist’s patented virtual BLE (vBLE) technology, you can deploy virtual beacons anywhere with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Can you see me now? Mist offers the best location accuracy in the business, with 1 to 3 meter accuracy and sub second latency.
  • Location analytics. See detailed analytics pertaining to user location behavior, such as visits and dwell times.
  • Open APIs for easy integration. Mist offers a mobile SDK for seamless integration with complementary products.
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Wi-Fi that's predictable, reliable and measurable.

  • SaaS agility. Get unprecedented visibility and control at web scale, with a micro services architecture for extreme agility.
  • Proactive insight. Machine learning with predictive recommendations helps you lowers MTTR by 40% or more.
  • Step into your users’ shoes. With real-time dashboards you can easily visualize your users’ quality of experience in real-time.
  • Say goodbye to sniffers and truck rolls. Dynamic Packet Capture (dPCAP) and network rewind eliminates the need to send techs onsite to troubleshoot problems.
  • One-Click Root Cause Analysis. Given the scale and complexity of wireless business networks, it is no longer feasible to look at a multitude of dashboards, event logs, and byte counts to determine the root cause of problems. Mist wireless networks are the first to use machine learning to convert all this big data into meaningful and actionable insight.

More information can be found onMists website.