VenueNet is our portfolio of spaces where we maintain permanent Wi-Fi Installation and Managed Internet Services for the facility.

This is great for clients who may need to supply advanced Wi-Fi solutions to several renting attendees each month. Venues benefit greatly from increased interest in their space due to state-of-the-art capabilities. With VenueNet one can expect:

  • World-class, state-of- the-art, bandwidth and internet management (24/7)
  • Potential acquisition of bandwidth (minimum of 100/100 up to a Gig)
  • Maintenance, warranty and triennial upgrade of all Wi-Fi equipment at no charge*
  • Ability to set up multiple separate Wi-Fi SSIDs. Example:
    • Production Team
    • Vendors Point of Sale
    • Public Guests
  • Creation of onboarding materials to be delivered to all event clients which highlight network features and capabilities.

Set up will include:

  • Site survey and Wireless Mapping Guide - No Charge
    • AP locations
    • Possible wired drop locations
    • Switch installation requirements
  • Equipment – No Charge
    Slice will, at no cost, remove existing equipment and either return to client or will use our relationships to resell the equipment and give you the full value we receive
    • Slice Management Wi-Fi Solution
  • Installation – No Charge
    • Certified Technicians
    • Project Management Engineer
  • Bandwidth – No Charge
    Slice Wireless Solutions will take over bandwidth contract payments once the following have been met:
    • Client discloses terms of current ISP agreement including pricing, deliverables and length of remaining contract.
    • Slice has fully recovered the cost for initial hardware required for installation.
    • Slice is granted ability to explore new ISPs with an understanding that a minimum of 100Mbps/100Mbps
  • Concierge Helpdesk – No Charge
    • Pre-Event
      • Wi-Fi Experience Manager will help arrange and estimate event
    • During Event
      • Clients will have remote helpdesk for immediate support
      • Optional on premise support
    • Post Event
      • Wi-Fi Reporting
      • Equipment Teardown (if applicable)

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