What is a "4G Internet Kit"?

You do not need IT experience to get the Slice 4G Internet Kit up and running. Follow the simple connection instructions provided in the 4G Internet Kit Start Up Guide and you’ll be surfing the web in less than 5 minutes. When your event is over, ship the kit back to us using the pre-paid FedEx Ground return label we include in the package.

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What is a Wi-Fi Portal?
The splash portal is a perfect place for your event’s message. With a 100% impression rate and unlimited customization capabilities, the portal has endless uses and will generate value for your brand, sponsors, and guests.
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Mobile vs. Portable Hotspot
A Mobile Hotspot is self-contained and battery powered.  It is small enough be carried in a purse or backpack.  
A Portable Hotspot comes in a small case and requires continuous power.  It contains in two pieces, a 4G router and an Wi-Fi access point that need to be connected together and placed on a shelf or table.
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