Charity Benefit & Auction

Charity Benefit & Auction


Slice can scale from 15-500 attendees, depending on what options you choose. To ensure bidding goes smoothly, we can optimize your network for downloading and the use of an auction mobile app.

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Your Fall Fundraiser needs Wi-Fi. You’ve set up donations via Twitter, but the local cell phone network can’t handle 500 people in one place and the ballroom only has spotty phone reception. Your auction bid-by-phone system needs reliable Wi-Fi and Internet to work. Every person who has trouble bidding represents lost income. And never underestimate the value of all those shared photos on Facebook! We have experience helping get sponsors and providing product placement to help underwrite the costs for charities.


Slice understands how crowds move, and we know what to ask you to choose the right system for your event. For instance:

  • Will attendees sit at auction tables when they are bidding or will they be seated at dinner?
  • Do you need coverage for the 500 attendees in the atrium for cocktails and for those people in the dining room as well?

We can provide a small network to support staff on-site as well as a large-scale network to ensure that every guest has dedicated bandwidth for bidding.


Our self-service kit provides for your back office or your check-in tablets.

For robust Wi-Fi throughout your event space, Slice will work with you to ensure a great connection.

Slice are experts at getting high-speed internet where it doesn’t exist. Whether you need us to bring the Internet to your school’s football field or a boat in New York Harbor, we’ve got a solution. Prices vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. We will attempt to find you the best price for your needs.