Concerts & Festivals

Concerts & Festivals


Whatever the size of event you're producing, we can easily scale from 150-3000 attendees depending on the options chosen. Support for individual Wi-Fi networks for Attendees, Production Staff and POS Vendors.

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Securing reliable Internet bandwidth and Wi-Fi service may not be the first thing promoters consider, however Wi-Fi is critical and must be done right the first time if live moments and needed data are to be captured. Fans, production staff, and vendors must stay connected and have the required Internet access to manage the venue and talent.


We’ll do everything for you: One of our dedicated engineers will come to the site and install to get everything up and running. At your event, we will set up fully managed Wi-Fi Hotspots so that people can get online with high speed connections. As little or as long as you require: At Slice, we have systems which can be made available on a short-term basis from as little as one day, to as long as the occasion requires.

  • Market directly to thousands of people who have already attended one of your events. Send them tickets / event news and updates which they will share with their friends and followers.
  • Capture fan email address and grow your database, while sharing exclusive pictures, and videos, including backstage access to the artist.

  • Invite fans to use your Social Wi-Fi – they’ll ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your business

  • Invite fans to back stage events, new festivals, product launches, or to see new bands any time directly at their collected social media accounts.

  • Encourage your guests to take pictures and post them via your free Wi-Fi.

  • Collect exposure data which offers unique insight into audience size, customer engagement and overall performance of marketing activity


The range is too vast to even guess.  At Slice we help you use Wii-Fi to access a revenue stream as one of the best options to recuperate the installation cost as quickly as possible. Selling advertising, increased bandwidth, or access to the Wi-Fi network are all ways this can be done.