Film Production

Film Production


When managing a production no matter how complex. Slice can quickly scale from 15-40 Mbps depending on the options chosen. Support for individual Wi-Fi networks for the Talent and Production Staff. Can also be configured for live broadcasting.

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Movie productions, TV commercials, live up-links, everyone needs Wi-Fi. Directors need re-writes, Stars need their Twitter feed, and so on. It’s easy when you’re on a soundstage, but what about when you’re on location? We offer service to the production industry and whether filming on location for less than 24 hours or 3-6 months, Slice will keep you connected so there are no interruptions. Our experience in delivering satellite internet to film sets on location is second to none. Slice has worked with some of the biggest brand names in the industry.


Lights. Camera. Action. We here at Slice are experts at arranging Internet feeds anywhere and building a Wi-Fi network where you need it, for what it is needed for. We can guarantee that production has the bandwidth they need to send the dailies and that the intern isn’t wasting the time on Call of Duty. Bring your own Internet, Microwave, LTE, and Satellite, we’ll get you connected when you need to be connected. Wi-Fi services can be prepared in advance and sent directly to your studio, office or location so that all you have to do is switch it on and use it. Our packages include generous data allowances, with additional data bundles available if you have some really big demands. Slice has you covered with remote monitoring and support for full reassurance.


Slice offers unlimited bandwidth, ensuring customers have no restrictions on usage and data allowances. Our heavy duty kits have been specially designed for Film Production use and costs vary depending on location and need. We can send you an LTE kit that will provide a small network for those who need, or we can beam 1 Gigabit of bandwidth to the Statue of Liberty for the entire production crew and quick uploads of the shoot, but that will cost more. Please fill out the quick quote form and we will turn around a fast quote for your next production.