Sea Hear Now Festival


This past Sunday (9/30) Bruce Springsteen shocked thousands of guests as he made a surprise appearance at the Sea Hear Now Festival in Asbury Park, NJ. It was no surprise however that the Wi-Fi ran smoothly throughout the festival as Slice was hard at work doing what we do best. With over 25 bands and 20 surfers, the Sea Hear Now festival was a great success as guests enjoyed the beautiful weather, music, and surfers.

As mentioned, this isn’t your typical music festival as pro surfers strutted their stuff, had board shaping demos, and expression sessions. You bet hundreds of people were on their phones recording and posting on social media throughout the event. As a matter of fact, we kept track of how many people used our Wi-Fi, and there were over 500 users on Sunday alone, in which all their Wi-Fi ran smoothly.


Slice was mentioned during the festival for the installment of our cameras and practical use of people being able to check webcams to see the weather again, which was beautiful! There were also some incredible dining options you could spot from our webcams including pizza, fresh oysters, or their famous buffalo mac n’ cheese and chicken & waffles. And yes, there were vegan/vegetarian options too!

Another key feature of the festival that Slice directly impacted were the apps that allowed for people to clearly and easily move around the venue using the festival interactive map. This included ‘hydration stations’ for free water, the food court and other food options, and more! Our Wi-Fi ensured that as signals became clogged due to the high density of festival goers, the Wi-Fi would remain strong and consistent, and strong and consistent it was.