Why Warehouses Need The Slice Wi-Fi Expertise


Slice Wireless is up to any task, and handling a warehouse is no exception! Our specialists are able to identify problems before they occur in many circumstances. Warehouse installations aren’t simple, but using the proper equipment, and having the right knowledge makes it so we can provide reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi.

You may be asking yourself, is there any size that is too big for Slice? No! We can handle any project, no matter the magnitude or square footage. The site survey becomes even more important during a warehouse installation due to the unique features therein. By using wireless toolkits, we’re able to measure the strength of the signal throughout, and around the warehouse itself. The findings remain constant over-time unless there are major shifts in what the warehouse is physically storing (this is uncommon).


We are aware of the issues relating to wireless connections that arise in a warehouse, and take the necessary steps to resolve these during a site survey. Thereafter we develop a reliable, scalable design that’s unique to the site itself. Every set-up is unique, and this allows for us to provide a consistent, reliable connection.

High ceilings are a consistent feature of warehouses, and this is often where access points are hung in most sites/venues. This becomes an issue as the ceiling is too high to establish a strong connection, and a drop-down pole can get in the way of forklifts and require a long set-up process that must be repeated if any problems occur with the hardware itself. To get around this, Slice takes an approach of placing the AP’s on the walls, generating a signal that is most conducive to its environment, and allows the network signal to flow most effectively.

Slice is ready to handle any job today. Warehouses have slightly modified requirements, but we’re aware of the considerations we need to take, and adjust accordingly with our equipment and installation process. If you’d like to have us perform a site-survey at your warehouse or receive any additional information, click HERE.