To provide the next generation of makers and coders, Slice can scale from 20-100 Mbps per hacker depending on your requirements. We also offer enhanced security per-device including private subnets and private VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks).

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Slice Wireless has had the pleasure of providing Wi-Fi to hackathons hosted by Google, NBA, Yahoo, as well as Major League Hacking. and now working directly with individual campuses around America! In any venue, we can deploy a wireless system that delivers the necessary signal to reach every hacker, even in the most dense environments.


VLANs provide the most secure network by providing each devices with private networks, all of which have the same bandwidth. We offer a variety of network deployments based on how each Hackathon wants to function.


The cost for Wi-Fi services depends on many factors including the length of the eventfrom one to three days, if the venue already has the necessary bandwidth, and the number of participants. The cost covers the Wi-Fi equipment and set up - we can arrange high-speed bandwidth most anywhere as needed.

Equipment Cost: Dependent on coverage area of the event.
Support: Onsite Support for Live Event (Charged Hour).

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