Pop-Up Shop Wi-Fi

Pop-Up Shop Wi-Fi


You've found the perfect pop-up spot: high-visibility, low fee, with a stellar interior design strategy, but you can't sign up for a year of internet service. Slice can help you with a custom set up that will support up to 5 POS devices. Setup takes 5 minutes.

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Pop-up retail with instant Wi-Fi networks IS the perfect retail strategy for big-name brands and ambitious start-ups to test products, generate buzz, build product awareness, and drive sales. Slice Wi-Fi is the go-to internet solutions provider for New York City's pop-up stores. Slice has the solution at a budget you can work with.


At Slice, we have the ability to create memorable customer experiences with a wide range of branding and data collection options to work your Wi-Fi even harder! Slice has the experience and equipment to give you fast turn-around for your Pop-Up shop.

  • MTV’s Limited Edition tour included partnering with Adidas, Levi’s, and Sony Ericsson, offering their pop-up stores purveying limited edition apparel and high-tech items.

  • Nike’s Runner’s Lounge lured runners in with free massages, snacks, drinks, and the opportunity to try on and test drive a new line of running shoes.

  • Macy’s has implemented multiple Pop-Up store-in-a-store and seasonal concepts nationwide

  • Gap furnished a school bus and traveled to major cities with 60’s themed apparel and accessories

  • Bluefly.com cleared out old stock of a brick and mortar in a temporary Pop-up

  • Various boutiques have launched their brands with a short stay to gauge interest.


The range of pop-up options and objects make a single Pop-up Store price impossible, but we have created a Pop-up Kit to help you parse out what you need and want. Here is a checklist for a fully deployed Pop-up site with all the tech advantages.

  1. Router, Internet & Wi-Fi Networks
  2. POS systems & Inventory Management 
  3. IP Web Camera 
  4. VoIP Phone
  5. Receipt Printer
  6. Data Collection Portal
  7. Failover & Backup

Slice can design a custom setup to meet your business needs, both national and local. Contact us soon.