Permanent Wi-Fi & Internet Solutions on a large scale with Slice


Permanent Venue Locations

Slice Wireless offers VenueNet, which is a network of concert, event, and performance venues that is highly configurable service that converts the cost of a Wi-Fi deployment into an easily digestible charge. From an intimate acoustic set, to a multi-stage event being live-streamed around the world, VenueNet can be scaled up or down to handle the crowd and keep the cost down while still providing world-class service.

If you only need Wi-Fi for a few events in a month, it doesn't make sense to be charged for a fully managed set of server racks and TK. This is where Slice’s VenueNet can provide valuable, but cost-effective, service on an event-by-event basis.

We pay for the bandwidth, the routers, switches, and access points; even the installation and support. For any venue that has VenueNet, all you need to do is to contact us ahead of time, and we will handle the configuration and data charges for that event directly with you, leaving you to get on with the business of the rest of the production. This frees you from the trouble and cost of managing a service you’ll only be using on days that are already way too busy.

Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices are quickly going more and more wireless with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. But to allow these devices safely on your corporate network, one needs a clear system to handle on-boarding, verification, security, and protocols. Slice provides this in one solution with their Slice Gateway Controller.

A typical installation will include:


  • Cat 5 cable

  • Indoor and Outdoor APs

  • Servers

  • Wireless AP Controllers

  • SLICE Management System


Maintenance Kit

  • Ladder/Chain lockup

  • Cable snake

  • Locked Cabinet

  • Key Safe


Site survey and Wireless Mapping Guide Validation

  • Cable Plan

  • AP locations

  • Wired Drop Locations

  • Server and IDF Installation Requirements

User and System Support:


  • Script development and Testing

  • Portal Design

Customer On-boarding through Contract Duration

  • 7 X 24 Help Desk

  • NOC Escalation

  • Offsite and Onsite Support

Multiple Dwelling Units

Multi dwelling units (MDUs),  typically provide housing for hundreds of tenants on a semi-temporary basis. Whether it’s student housing, apartment buildings, or condominiums, one necessity is consistent throughout – reliable internet. Oftentimes, you have tenants who are planning to sublet their unit for periods of only a few months. Such a short residency frequently fails to justify purchasing contracted service from an ISP, however, the need for internet and Wi-Fi still exists. The responsibility of providing internet to tenants often falls upon the MDU operator. Without the proper equipment and personnel, such an endeavor can seem too pricey to justify implementation. Even with the right equipment, employing a full-time operator might not make sense financially.

Slice is the solution to multi dwelling unit WiFi. Slice empowers the MDU to act as a layer between the ISP and the end users. Slice requires zero operator intervention after initial setup and supports thousands of active connections via one software based solution. Slice can be set up to deliver Freemium service to directly correlate with the various needs of the tenants. One popular use of Freemium in an MDU environment is to allow unlimited free access with a speed cap of 1Mbps/500Kbps and charging a premium for access at higher speeds. Users who select the unlimited free internet will be able to browse most websites, participate on social media websites and send and receive email. Users who choose to stream movies, take part in online gaming and video conference will have to pay a nominal fee. The overall consensus in Freemium deployments is satisfaction, as users appreciate the free internet and understand that advanced use will require a small payment.

    Enabling individual personal VLANs in environments with hundreds of users is simply unheard of, as the amount of equipment required sends costs through the roof. Slice delivers personal VLAN capability as part of its standard offering. Additional Slice benefits for multi dwelling unit WiFi and internet include:

    • Uplink aggregation to be able to select the ideal bandwidth provider.
    • Uplink allocation to assign specific uplinks for specific purposes.
    • Bandwidth allocation and load balancing to ensure even distribution of bandwidth per user.  
    • Branded portal to allow for account creation and delivery of personal VLANs.
    • Tiered policies allow different internet experiences for different levels of users.
    • Web history reporting allows transparency into end user browsing history.
    • Proactive security ensures wrong-doing such as pirating, phishing , hacking, spamming and more is not committed by users on the network
    • Ability to work with multiple radio providers means the cost of implementation can be significantly reduced.


    Hospitality is a key area where the promise of Wi-Fi is just being realized. By providing high-speed access at their favorite places, business owners have an excellent pool of customers to market to. This can drive repeat business, shore up times that are otherwise slow, or create special incentives to gain customer loyalty. 

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    As doctors turn to data driven healthcare solutions, the IoT also stands to reshape how people access and pay for those services. Slice believes in the Connected Hospital, a vision of a fully integrated hospital where wireless technology allows healthcare professionals and patients to prosper from the benefits of Wi-Fi. This type of connectivity, which provides the user with anytime, anywhere access, allows clinicians to provide accurate and timely patient monitoring and focus on the best quality of patient care, rather than administrative tasks.


    Customers are going to want to comparison shop while in stores, there's no way to stop someone from wanting to find a better deal. But you can gain something from their curiosity by getting valuable insights into customer demographics, in-store movements, and being able to ofer deals when a customer is close to an item they might like. 

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